Terms and Conditions
While the knowledge behind MAD Training Solutions courses, guidelines, tips and assignments are based off of a top-level education and many years of experience, information shared and suggestions given by the MAD GURU via the MAD Training Solutions website, the MAD Training Teachable online courses and the madtrainingsolutions@gmail.com email are strictly the well-informed perspectives and views of the MAD GURU. The advice and guidelines given are purely educated suggestions and MAD Training Solutions cannot be held responsible or liable for any consequences if the suggestions are followed through.
Protection of Personal Information
MAD Training Solutions stands by professional and ethical business practices and will never knowingly distribute any information shared between clients and MAD Training Solutions. MAD Training Solutions will keep all your personal information that might be shared by yourself via the MAD Training Solutions Website and the madtrainingsolutions@gmail.com email completely confidential.

Any personal information shared will not be made available for public viewing. By submitting any information to MAD Training Solutions, you hereby have read the terms and conditions regarding personal information and agree that MAD Training solutions may utilise you personal information for demographic research purposes only.
Confidentiality Clause
All strategic business information and ideas shared by yourself via business plans, assignments and MAD GURU training will be dealt with by MAD Training Solutions with the highest and most professional level of confidentiality.