About MAD Training Solutions

MAD Training Solutions is a business consulting company that specialises in offering practical online training courses as well as online support and assessments for you and your business. MAD was founded is April of 2014 and our experience is rooted in 24 years of expertise within business startups, sales, marketing, training and leadership as well hands-on business ownership and management in the form of two existing businesses.

We are unique in that we have a sound but non-generic approach to our services while maintaining an effective and powerful outcome. Our training solutions are specifically adapted to the personality and needs of the company itself, meaning that you gain the absolute best from what we have to offer.

Whatever the nature and size of your business or your level of expertise, our number one goal is to really make a positive difference. Allow us to help you be the change you want to see in the entrepreneurial world. From start-up dreams to widespread success, our aim is to be a support structure for your business foundation - Allow us to become a part of your journey and an element of your business success
  • What do We Offer in Terms of Business Support?

    Need some advice on how to start or grow your business? What about your marketing strategy? Maybe you need some guidance on how to increase your sales?

    Contact us to chat about your startup idea and even submit your business plan, marketing plan or sales plan for a thorough review and assessment

    MAD Training Solutions offers a range of practical online courses to provide some valuable direction for aspiring entrepreneurs, marketers, sales managers and reps.

    Enrol in our school for free and take our structured courses on business basics, marketing and sales to gain all the knowledge you need

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    Being an entrepreneur means keeping up with an ever changing business environment so join the conversation and share your thoughts
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